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Professional facial skin care line includes more than 120 names of professional cosmetic products, directed to treatment and correction of face skin in beauty salons. Natural Russian biocomponents are used in all formulas of PREMIUM Professional line and necessary additives are produced by worldwide recognized leading companies.

The philosophy of new line was to choose the most optimal raw materials among a wide range of bioactive substances in order to solve certain skin problems. It is especially important because unlike to traditional suppositions, such skin details as greasiness, humidity, elasticity, structure, state of vessels, pigmentation level and sensitivity allow to define 22 various types of skin. Each skin type requires individual approach taking into consideration climatic conditions.

PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL is a stable leader in the Russian professional market on account of many objective reasons:

  1. Stable quality and evident effect when correcting any cosmetic defect;
  2. It is a real alternative to expensive import products. As a rule, adherents of foreign professional series in addition pay for "name", goods delivery, customs, foreign certificates, commission middlemen, etc.;
  3. Climatic conditions. The problem of influence of cold continental climate on skin can be solved only by means of domestic researches and developments.
  4. Impressive wide range.10 lines produced by the company include up to 400 preparations for professional and home skin care.