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This line is devoted to one of the most effective cosmetic procedures - chemical peel by glycolic acid of various concentrations. This universal procedure is used to correct skin withering, seborrhea, acne, scars and various sorts of hyper-pigmentations. Glycolic acid in concentration from 5 % up to 70 % has noticeable keratolytic, sebum reducing, moisturizing, lifting, bleaching and other effects, depending on application targets.

Glikoactive evolution line influenced the following basic aspects: decrease in skin adaptive capabilities to glycolic acid, enhancement effect due to biologically active substances.

Peculiarity of line modernization:

To some extent, skin capability to adapt to acid influence at recommended gradual increase of acid concentration during peel course reduces the effect from conducted procedures, and also increases acid exposure on skin. Considering this skin feature, the Company developed special anti-adapting preparations to prevent fast skin addiction to glycolic acid without interruption of procedures and thus achieving greater effect in correction of some cosmetic defects.

Anti-adapting preparations contain AHA complex in concentration to strengthen the action of every acid individually, they also include biologically active substances to correct a certain cosmetic problem (seborrhea, acne, xerosis, withering, hyperpigmentation). In combination with fruit acids, the activity and penetration of these components considerably increases.