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The company offers a new professional line for intensive procedures. Every course consists of specially selected preparations for purposeful correction of cosmetic face skin problems.

For the first time, a cosmetician may independently choose all preparations for a client, considering skin peculiarities, sensitivity, tolerance, season and other nuances.

Depending on a cosmetic task to be performed in a beauty salon, the company offers 7 variants of face skin care programmes: anti-comedone, sebum reducing, anti-couperose for dry or oily skin, moisturizing, bleaching and anti-aging. Each programme is intended for 18 procedures of six week course.

PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL INTENSIVE procedure consists of four stages: whey application, massage with solid base powder, tablet or collagen mask, cream-mask.

Eyelid skin programme includes a lifting complex and a complex of intensive correction of hypostases and bruises. A course of procedures contributes to improvement of turgor and skin colour, small and middle wrinkle-smoothing, preventing wrinkle formation. Lifting complex includes whey for eyelids “Lifting Complex”, collagen mask and lifting cream-mask. As a part of “Intensive Correction” complex against bruises and hypostases we offer whey for eyelids “Antistress”, anti-bruises and anti-hypostases collagen mask and tonic cream-mask.

Great advantage of comprehensive approach to skin care is high economic effect for professionals.