About salon cosmetics

GENESIS The company «Salon cosmetics LTD» had been formed in 1994 by the Moscow Institute of Beauty. The most effective compoundings of Institute checked up by decades of more than 70 years have been put to a basis of product development in view of modern technologies, raw material and equipment. Today, 12 years later, Salon cosmetics hase taken the leading positions in Russian professional market. In it’s arsenal: cosmetic factory, appointed by modern Italian equipment, stylish packing, best Russian and foreign raw material, unique technologies and the latest techniques of procedures.

ASSORTMENT Salon cosmetics produces 9 lines, covering all spectrum of cosmetic procedures: professional skin care line, products for cosmetic equipment, aroma program of cellulites correction, chemical peeling, multifunctional powders, body care therapy, professional sun protection, intercourse home care and complexes of intensive procedures.

CLIENTS More than 1400 beauty salons and medical centers hade chosen these lines for everyday work. Main attention in company’s work is paid to clients-cosmeticians, their vocational training. Seminars and master-classes, express-training, courses of improvement of qualification – that is only incomplete list of opportunities of Salon cosmetics in this sphere. The company has necessary quality certificates of obligatory and voluntary systems of certification.