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Home use skincare program is natural continuation of the professional line. This line intended for achievement of cosmetic effect in combination with beauty salon procedures is presented by 32 cosmetic preparations created in view of specific features of various skin types. Preparations are made on the basis of concentrated “shungite” water known for its unique bactericidal and immunomodulating features. High concentration of the balanced active biocomponents and aroma essences provides effect which exceeds all expectations.

HOME ALLY The company “Salon Cosmetics” devotes itself to creation of professional cosmetics, capable to become the ally in struggle against ruthless time. Now, such an ally is at your disposal. Regular use of PREMIUM Homework products provides an obvious "rejuvenating" effect for dry skin, radical withering correction, allows to forget about acne problems, peculiar with oily skin, and to increase periods between visits of a beauty salon. Preparations are on sale only at the offices of the company and regional distributors.