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What associations does a modern person have when he hears a word combination «cosmetics for men»? About 5-10 years ago it sounded rather exotic or even indecent in our country because men’s care was simply understood as "to wash and shave", however, times have changed. And now the tendency under the name «men's cosmetics» develops rapidly since modern men do not want simply to wash or shave, but to watch constantly over the state of their face, hair and body, to look well and be even more attractive. But for this purpose they need special – men's – preparations which would consider all physiological features of a man's organism.

The Company «Salon Cosmetics» knows what a modern man needs and has elaborately studied all peculiarities of a man's skin structure. To create His Story Tobacco - professional face, body and hair care for men - we spent one and a half year conducting thorough studies, developing unique formulas and working with the best technologists, doctors, chemists-biologists.

The line consists of 12 products for face, body and hair. Preparations improve skin structure, vascular tone, moisturize, protect from stresses and inflammatory processes, and activate cell functions. Each preparation of this line is unique and used for salon procedures and at home.

Preparations provide fast apparent result and have prolonged action. The complex of tobacco leaf extract and shungite water improves energy and immune skin status.

You may purchase His Story Tobacco cosmetics at our online store in special section of cosmetics for men.