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Bioepilation - is the most safe, effective and simple way of depilation. Today the most popular type of bioepilation is waxing, based on the use of hot, warm or cold waxes. Procedure is based on demolishing of a hair stem without damage to the basic "root" part. Main advantage of waxing is that regular bioepilation procedures make hair softer and thinner. Gradually their growth slows down and stops. During this procedure, discomfort is minimized and the result lasts up to several months.

New bioepilation line PREMIUM Softouch is the professional program including a certain complex of products for pre-waxing and waxing procedures, post-epilation and home care. Waxes on the basis of titan dioxide belong to a new generation of professional waxes, guaranteeing absence of irritation even for hypersensitive skin.

The composition of skin care products includes beta-glucans, which basic functions are protection from inflammations, hyperkeratinization prevention, immunomodulatory effect. Unique Kudzu extract and rosebay extract rich in flavonoids, tannins and vitamin C quickly eliminate reddening, prevent from possible hypostasis, itch, allergic reactions. Powerful antioxidant green tea provides skin with healthy colour, removes dryness, improves microcirculation, strengthens walls of the smallest vessels. AHA-ACIDS complex stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis, improves enhancer properties of preparations, prevents hair ingrowth. This line includes products for normal and sensitive skin. Cosmetic does not contain odorants and dyes. Wide choice of accessories provides cosmeticians with all necessary tooling to conduct effective bioepilation procedures.