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Body care therapy line gives real pleasure to true connoisseurs. It includes unique organism rejuvenation programmes, cellulite correction, and body care during pregnancy and postnatal periods. Professional methods allow to improve skin elasticity, figure, vascular tone, and to make a great number of various skin care procedures. Body care will become a pleasant procedure which will change your SILHOUETTE.

Anti-cellulite aroma programme. Procedures eliminate original causes of cellulite - growth of lipid tissue in vessels, condensation of an intercellular matrix, congestion of lymphatic fluid, products of metabolism. Microblood circulation and skin elasticity are improved, figure becomes well-shaped. Aromatherapy has an anti-depressive effect, eliminates a chronic fatigue syndrome.

Rejuvenating procedures. Body skin needs correct care and not less than face skin which we cherish, trying to postpone wrinkle formation, pigmentation and vascular spiders. Modern people’s hypo-dynamic pace of life, daily stresses and adverse ecology only accelerate time flight. Not to prematurely deprive our body of elasticity, and silhouette – of appeal, be friendly with rejuvenating procedures.

Skin care programme during pregnancy and postnatal periods. Usually, due to its elasticity, skin manages to resist regular stress factors, but during pregnancy skin undergoes great changes. Changes of hormonal profile, weight changes, skin matrix stretching may cause serious skin problems, stretch marks and varicosity. Professional techniques will give a helping hand.

Contrast stone-cryotherapy. Ancient east ceremony of hot stones therapy has firmly gained confidence of specialists, providing emotional and physical relaxation with acupressure. There is one more unique procedure – cryo-massage, (cryotherapy) which effectively saturates problem zones by biocomponents due to local skin stress. We have managed to unite stone-therapy and cryotherapy into one miraculous procedure which activates organism hidden reserves.

Due to cryotherapy it is possible to get rid of subcutaneous fat without physical activity and to prevent cellulite occurrence.